Party your way to fitness everyday

 Unlike the regular type of exercises most people do, Zumba combats boredom by making exercise upbeat and fun. If you like music, you are sure to enjoy this type of workout and before you realise the time has passed you would have lost a whopping 500 calories! Zumba is a perfect combination of fitness and fun 

Convenient Morning and Evening Batches

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What our clients have to say about our Zumba classes

i joined zumba sessions at little green studio. wonderful training i got .very friendly atmosphere. perfect place for fitness lovers. it motivates to come back and workout on a regular basis . 

Akila Jeyachandran

 Clean. . Neat.. eco friendly atmosphere. .. full of positive vibes ...thoroughly love the place n the training .. we sweat it out with a big smile ..  

Devadarsini Chetan, Movie Actor

 Love the ambience and class choices, the instructor is awesome ... 

Preethi Rayan

What better way to kick start the week than one hour of Zumba at a little green studio!!! I LOOK FORWARD TO MONDAY MORNINGS NOW :) 

Priyanka Varun

Wow! A product from the best mind out there in fitness

Gayathri Vedagiri


1. Can i lose weight doing Zumba for one hour daily?

     Yes. Zumba is high intensity cardio vascular workout that helps burn a lot of calories.Many of our clients have acheived phenomenal success in losing weight. Results may vary depending on the intensity , Age and health conditions. 

2. Can i do Zumba daily?

    Zumba is relaxing and fun filled. Doing it daily will make you feel energised and happy. Clients have reported increase in energy and decrease in stress levels with regular practice of Zumba

3. I am over 40. Can i do Zumba?

   Yes. Age is not a factor. We have clients who are over 60

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